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1 THING I know about HEALING

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Most of my adult life, I was clueless as to what kind of life or career i'd pursue that would be fulfilling to me and make me happy while doing it. 7-8yrs ago, it suddenly occurred to me the best thing I could ever share, is what I already have inside of me! HEALING!! and once I figured what it was, the FORM naturally followed.

I chose the NATURAL methods of HEALING, and I mean HERBS by saying natural, herbs humanity have been blessed with, herbs that co-existed side by side along with humans. I inherited this from my Wonderful Father from his many decades of Spiritual/metaphysical and medicinal practices discovered a wonder herb that seems to be a remedy for all things that could possibly go wrong with the human body. It is an ancient grain called Sorghum Bicolor.

But before this discovery and what later turned into a product called JOBELYN, I'd always lived a healthy lifestyle, eat good, avid sports player, exercise regularly, outdoor activities, drinking lots of water, eating organic foods, fresh fruits etc but 1 undeveloped part was still lacking, and it was the great connection I recently discovered!

True healing comes from WILLINGNESS and the strong desire to want to be HEALED! regardless of the FORM the healing agent takes, the willingness would have originated from a deeper part of yourself, and that's the MIND, that's the intangible part. This is the reason why some REMEDIES be it natural or not, will seem NOT to work, given same conditions and in same environments, in two similar cases, this is because a DECISION which is a result of WILLINGNESS has been made on another level that is indeed not even visible to the naked eye!

Now, no one need believe all these jargons I just blotted out about HEALING, but if you found out that you don't even require belief to be healed of any type of illness or disease or sickness, and all you really need is WILLINGNESS and the rest will guide you to choose the best FORM for you, what would you do?

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