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Not All Vitamins&Minerals are Created Equal

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There has always been a debate about the nature and authenticity of the different kinds of Vitamins and Minerals the general public consumes daily or supplements their diet with, to maintain health and wellbeing. There has equally been a larger debate to even determine if the broad category Vitamins&Minerals (of which Dietary Supplement class of products erroneously belongs to) is in fact beneficial to human health at all. For the purpose of this blog, I'll stick to the earlier point,comparing  efficacy of Natural Sourced Foodform(R) Vitamins & Minerals as compared to the Ordinary (USP & FCC) Vitamins and Minerals.

Most consumers readily walk in health food stores or pharmacies to pick up regular supplies of such generic products without knowing much about the make up of the Vitamins or most importantly, the source it is made out of. So for example, your Over- the- counter Vitamin C, used to prevent cold and strengthen Immunity, is essentially not the same as Vitamin C substance present in Citrus Fruits or Herbal plants that wholly contain the same substance when consumed.

The reason one need to consider these factors when trying to supplement your diet with these substance is to know for sure, the nutrients in them are actually being used or absorbed by the body ( BIOAVAILABILITY) and also to ensure there isn't any danger of future side effects.

So according to the report/bulletin titled : Study Results Comparing Foodform(R) Vitamins and Minerals With Ordinary (USP and FCC) Vitamins and Minerals commissioned by (IntraCell Nutrition Inc) USP (and FCC) vitamins and minerals are free-state chemicals used by vitamin companies to make supplements. USP vitamins and minerals are synthesised by a handful of pharmaceuticals companies ( Roach, Kodak, Takeda etc. ) according to strict federal standards known as USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) and the FCC  (Food Chemicals Codex) Vitamin companies purchase these materials in bulk,blend them together into formulations, make tablets, capsules or powders, and market them under hundreds of brand names. They are also added to flour, breakfast cereals and other prepared foods. The vitamins sold as "natural" or "natural source" or "food based" in the health food store are the same USP and (FCC) vitamins and minerals sold in the drugstore or supermarket. Only the labels are different. Supplements formulated with this free-state chemicals and mineral salts may be poorly utilised by the body. They are frequently misused and abused by a confused public. Excesses and therapeutic doses can cause toxic side effects and metabolic imbalances. Studies indicate that Foodform(R) Vitamins and Minerals, an alternative to USP and FCC Vitamins and Minerals may provide a more natural form, lower toxicity and greater utilisation.

This particular study pretty much goes along the consensus the more honest scientific researches have been saying for years, and cuts through the confusion in the public, in identifying more genuine sources of vitamins and minerals that one can trust for supplementation. It goes on to say in the conclusion that, even though the results of the study might not be totally conclusive, it sure indicates there may be overall increased absorption and retention of natural sources of Vitamins and Minerals, in their case what they call Foodform(R).

So to the public I say, eating your balanced diet, fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, anti-oxidants etc. in different food and fruits forms, high water intake will certainly maintain your health and wellbeing, and while we know almost more than 90% of us don't do this, we can surely  supplement, not with chemically synthesised forms of Vitamins and Minerals as pointed above, but with for example, well researched and proven Natural herbs and Plant based Supplements, that is manufactured under strict cGMP rules, and of a high quality standard, in order to deliver optimal health benefits to the user.   

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