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Commercial Applications

Producing Quality Natural Health Products

Health Forever Products Limited is one of the leading nutraceutical manufacturers. One of our products, Jobelyn, has been rated by Brunswick Laboratory (USA) as having the highest ORAC antioxidant value. Jobelyn is created from a proprietary strand of Sorghum Bicolor which has more than 300% more antioxidants than the average Sorghum. As an additional benefit, Sorghum is gluten-free. With tried and true products like Jobelyn, we play a prominent role in the wellness aspect of health care delivery systems. From beginning to end, our products stay within Health Forever Products Limited, ensuring the greatest quality and most affordable cost. Our private labeling provides security for our customers and fulfills the expectation that our products have been thoroughly researched and painstakingly monitored from harvesting to bottling.

Possible Markets:

  1.  Beverages
  2.  Bakeries
  3.  Human Food and Drink Products
  4.  Pet Medicine
  5.  Edible Pet Products

Since the founding of our company, we have successfully engaged in the development and production of several herbal preparations and supplements.

These include Jobelyn, Benalax and Erectaid. All three of these products organically improve the lives and lifestyles of thousands of people around the world.

We offer Jobelyn in bulk volumes as:

  • Additives to food products
  • Edible enhancements

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